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Who is AccessChannel 2.0?

AccessChannel 2.0 brings the power of Ingram Micro services to their clients. A unique B2B marketplace fulfillment and sales platform, AccessChannel 2.0 caters to businesses that need to increase their customer reach within the United States. AccessChannel 2.0 is exclusively integrated and co-located into Ingram Micro systems and warehouses.

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For existing clients, login to our client portal to unleash valuable reporting tools and operational documents which will enable you to maximize your opportunities.

The Ingram Program

The Ingram Program

AccessChannel 2.0 opens the doors to Ingram Micro’s extensive database—up to 70,000 U.S. customers per year. These solution providers are comprised…

About Us

AccessChannel 2.0 provides an opportunity for emerging technology vendors to reach the U.S. reseller channel through Ingram Micro, Inc., the global distribution…

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