Ingram Program

AccessChannel 2.0 and The Ingram Program

AccessChannel 2.0 (AC2.0) brings the power of Ingram Micro services to their clients. A unique B2B marketplace fulfillment and sales platform, AC2.0 caters to businesses that need to increase their customer reach within the United States. AC2.0 is exclusively integrated and co-located into Ingram Micro systems and warehouse enabling a vendor to reach up to 70,000 U.S. customers per year.

How It Works

AccessChannel 2.0 and The Ingram Program Expectations

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Vendors complete the application process.
  • Vendors will agree to terms and conditions with Ingram Micro and AC2.0.
  • Vendors will have minimum interaction with Ingram Business Unit personnel.
  • AC2.0 will act as the primary point of contact between Supplier and Ingram on all primary relationship and operational matters.
  • Vendors will consign inventory into the appropriate Ingram warehouse.
  • Vendors are expected to self-manage stock levels at Ingram with the daily and weekly reporting provided by AC2.0
  • Maintaining outstanding inventory availability in the Ingram warehouse will be a critical Ingram relationship measurement.
  • Vendors need to keep a 45-day supply of inventory at all times.
  • Vendors will NOT send any invoices to Ingram Micro.
  • AC2.0 will invoice Ingram for all consigned product sales.
  • Payment terms to Ingram will be N45 days from the date of sale from Ingram to its reseller.
  • Vendors need to take action and have pricing & compensation policies that avoid channel conflict.
  • Vendors need to take responsibility for growing demand for their products.
  • Start up fee will be tied to the AC2.0 services agreement.
  • Monthly operational fanagement fee will be tied to the AC2.0 services agreement.
  • Shipment and returns fees will be tied to the AC2.0┬áservices agreement.
  • AC2.0 marketing and sales enablement services can be provided as incremental program offerings.