Company Overview


AccessChannel2.0 (AC2.0) provides an opportunity for emerging technology vendors to reach the U.S. reseller channel through Ingram Micro, Inc., the global distribution leader for technology and CE products and services. AC2.0, at its core is a B2B Marketplace fulfillment and sales enablement platform. We are systematically entwined and are co-located inside Ingram Micro warehouses in a transparent manner so that all Vendors’ products are seen and ordered by Ingram VARs and resellers in the same manner as any other item in the Ingram Catalog.

By leveraging AC2.0, vendors are able to take advantage of an exclusive relationship that Ingram shares with this unique fulfillment services company. AC2.0 provides a service whose processes and automation truly integrate manufacturers into Ingram’s system. Once a vendor becomes an established client, AC2.0 will facilitate a direct distribution agreement between the client and Ingram Micro. This agreement allows the manufacturer to consign inventory into the Ingram central distribution facility. Then, the inventory is made available for sale to resellers and all orders are processed transparently through AC2.0’s integrated system. This unique IT connectivity between AC2.0 and Ingram’s IMPULSE system allows for transactions to occur with great ease and efficiency, between the two parties.

AC2.0 has an outstanding suite of marketing and sales services that are geared specifically toward the needs of Vendors, which will aid in driving higher channel visibility and sales volumes.


AccessChannel 2.0 recognizes quality service and expertise within the industry. The following organizations are only a few companies which AccessChannel 2.0 has had…


AccessChannel 2.0 has quickly developed the reputation of a world-class logistic service provider. Their clientele list has multiplied over a short period of time…